hello hello, WELCOME!! i basically live on the computer, so why not live inside it too lol. hence, a personal website; home to info about projects i'm working on and various interests of mine.

i've been falling out with social media quite a bit and i miss talking to myself online. not all pages are done ! sorry about the amount of 404 pages. spelling/grammar mistakes are bound to happen- excuse the mess.

o( ^皿^)っ Hehehe…enjoy your stay o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ

talking zone (probably art related)

hello i offer you a looping gif of kho (my oc)

i've been watching a lot of music videos and its putting the evil idea in my head to animate more so i'm trying to do that. limited attention span be damned.

here's one of the rickster too (ricky)

both kho and ricky are a part of the gunge tank collection of ocs, hopefully i'll add a lil intro pg about them soon ? there's a smidge more info about them on my toyhouse

poll zone

i had basque cheesecake for maybe the first time(?) the other week and it was so delicious !! here's a poll to gather crucial cheesecake data:

your fave type of cheesecake
pollcode.com free polls

current status

reading: rowan and the zebak & guards! guards!

watching: facinating horror

playing: reverse 1999 a bit

hobby: coding babeyy

listening to: House of Aberdeen OST

looking forward to: new lamp that doesnt strobe me

feeling: The current mood of marblellous at www.imood.com

special image

i don't remember what i ordered i think it was a pizza but they had funny faces on their feedback system. with this guy looking doubtful.

previous imgs



pages in progress...

merch catalogue

cosplay journal

various shrines

[secret project]

videos i've watched recently

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viewed 24apr20̵̣̞͙̈́2̷̼̘̐4̴̧̘̮̏̀͑
by brutalmoose

viewed 23apr2024
Mario pixel art, but I keep adding new colours until it’s too much
by Brandon James Greer

v̶̪͑́i̷͔̭̎͋ë̵̬́̚w̷̛͎͓͝e̵̛̅͜d̸̺̖̉:̴̲̲̉͂ ̸͍̊̾2̷̥́͛a̴͔͒̕p̸̜̍͝r̴̝͆̌2̶͖̘̚0̴̠̿2̷̬̀͗4̶̲̆̅
DanAndPhilCRAFTS - Slime
by DanAndPhilCRAFTS

viewed: 31mar2024 (rewatch)
the worst horror game ever made
by T9

viewed: 6nov2023
A World of Stories | Altheya: The Dragon Empire #1
by High Rollers DnD

viewed: 24aug2023
weird & kinda scary tokusatsu girls
by hazel

viewed: 09aug2023
i spent 3 months learning Blender, Unity and Code... to make this
by elliotisacoolguy

viewed: 22jul2023
How to make a Horse Centipede
by Studson Studio


trying keeping track of sources for the assets i use on site on the links page here (wip).

Acknowledgement of Country

I acknowledge the Palawa people as the Traditional Custodians of Lutruwita, in which this website is maintained. I extend my respect to Elders, past, present and future generations, to their culture and relationship to the land, and to all First Nations people living in this community.


24may2024 -- progress update on wastes.html, new log entry, new index stuff including a poll zone for critical data :P, added some buttons to links.html

24apr2024 -- big update!! added Acknowledgement of Country to home page, sitemap.html has been added to the nav bar, collection.html has replaced figures on the nav bar (can now be found inside collection), new log entry, new look for the 404 pg, specialimgarchive.html (ugly but ok for now), updated #credit as needed + added more links and buttons. little minor adjustments here and there. going crazyyyyy i love codinggg

19apr2024 -- new log entry, added more faves to webmaster, added links to various pages, updated credit links, fixed the height issue on index

17apr2024 -- updated buttons/neighbours on links.html. new special img.. finally

08apr2024 -- added a thoughts section to index pg, added log- v basic atm

05apr2024 -- folio.html is live 'cause i needed to make a portfolio for future applications ヾ(≧へ≦)〃

02apr2024 -- comms.html open >:], plus various adjustments to index pg

29mar2024 -- added a 'pages in progress...' section to index pg

17mar2024 -- finally updated homepage, rebirth of the site (v3.0) complete! webmaster, links & figures pages r live

27oct2023 -- wastes.html is live wahoo

11oct2023 -- made brainvomit hub, made fave drhdr covers page, started a page for muse dash and a log page

30sep2023 -- v3.0 finally discovered a bg i liked and could base my site theme on lol

26nov2022 >> 16jul2023 -- site hiatus aka indecisive on theme.

12mar2022 >> 26nov2022 -- version 1.0 and 2.0.

11mar2022 -- site created!

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